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Set iTunes Artwork From Google  2018/03/18
Get artwork for the selected iTunes artwork-less tracks from Google
dvdsp_sub_extract  2009/03/20
Extracts subtitles from DVD Studio Pro project files (v. 4.x), see readme for more details...
mcu  2009/02/11
Bookpedia plugin to search for ISBNs in the database of the Ministerio de Cultura español
Floating Toones  2005/12/14
Sample Xcode project for AppleScript Studio developers shows floating cartoons with transparency and draggability. Requires Xcode 2.1 to compile, but final app should run under OS 10.1 and further.
jTableLib 2004/10/12
Free applescript library where you can create a table and add rows/columns and populate them with data. Other functions are "search" for values or "layout" (returns html, plist or tab-delimited representation of the table). You can extend this library as much as you wish. There are some extra sample functions, such as sum or sort.
e-factura2pdf 2005/01/22
Extract the PDF embedded in Telefónica's "e-facturas", so you don't need switch to a PC.
Unlock SWF 2004/12/26
Library removes import protection from protected-from-import SWF files. This library requires responsibility.
SWF Extractor 2004/12/26
Extracts SWF files from win or mac Flash Projectors. Based on a similar script by La Bondiola Software.
Read SWF Header 2 2004/12/25
Library to extract information from the header of a SWF file: version, length of uncompressed data, bounds of movie, frames per second, total frames, bgcolor. Supports all SWF formats till 7.0.
knapfake 2005/01/26
Distributes contents of a folder in various folders of a maximum defined size. Useful, for example, to create 5 different folders of 690 MB out of an original directory containing 3,3 GB, ready to burn out to a CD.
quick-MLNET  2004/05/01
Handle the most common options in mlnet with this ultra-light app: set download/upload speeds, basic search, etc. Let quick-MLNET sit in your Dock, wasting a little little bit of memory, and invoke it when needed.
joinAviFiles 2004/01/17
As the same name implies, this app will attempt to join several avi files dropped onto it. Requires mencoder (see docs).
SaveURLSet 2004/01/17
Will save/load the windows/tabs currently opened in Safari. Requires Panther or higher.
styledText<->Record 2004/09/25
AppleScript source code to transform styled text to a record containing info about styles (bold, color, font size, etc.), and back again to styled text.
merge-mlnet 2004/01/17
Application to migrate your mlnet downloads to another mlnet folder (eg, from iSwipe to xDonkey or mlMac)
ForceCommit 2004/01/17
Application, will move those rebel finished downloads from the mlnet temp folder to your desktop.
Create Table 2.0.1  2004/04/01
Create tables specifying certain settings: number of rows and columns, width and height of cells and kind of fill.
Duplicate+ 2004/03/27
This item is equivalent to "duplicate with parameters", an option common to other apps.
text case 2004/03/27
Change the case of selected text/text fields to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Paragraph or First Capitals.
Goodies 2005/01/26
Create something similar to this interface. Add categories and lists of items, with their download urls, etc.
tableSort  2005/02/05
Library to sort html tables. Supports clickable headers, reverse sorting, numbers sorting and case-insensitive sorting.