sfri Tools

1. Intro
2. Make it work!
3. Requirements, license, history...

1. Intro
sfri Tools is a set of applescripts concibed as a helper for some of your daily tasks in Safari:
- sfri consolidate will join in a single window all displayed web pages.
- sfri displayHistory will display some statistics about last visited places.
- sfri downloadImgs will download images displayed/linked in the current web page.
- sfri Library is a high-quality tool for applescripters non-javascripters, which will give you full control over the most common objects in a web page (frames, forms, navigation, windows), allowing you some useful actions, such as fill and submit forms, retrieve info about images and objects embedded in web pages, etc.
- sfri SaveUrlSet will remember the web pages currently opened in Safari, for further use.
- sfri printToDesktop will print a pdf of the current web page to your desktop.
- sfri windowSize will adjust the size of the current window to your chosen one, useful to watch the display of some websites without changing the resolution of your monitor.
- sfri scanCache will scan the cache of Safari, looking for and extracting to a user-selected folder any jpg, gif, png or swf file.

2. Make it work!
Run the scripts (except for "sfri Library") from your favorite tool. You can run the scripts using lots of available tools, such as Apple's Script Menu (already in your system), FastScripts, iKey, Xkeys, Key Xing, QuicKeys, etc. Just take a look at your favorite place for downloads (eg, MacUpdate or VersionTracker), and search for such utilities.

3. Requirements, license, history...
Tested only under Mac OS X 10.3, Safari 1.2.

This product is freeware and open-source. Use it at your own risk and blah.

You may not try contacting us about this product. But for feedback, suggestions, bugs, donations... Mail us!

sfri Tools v. 1.2, June 30, 2004
-Lots of bug fixes, code optimizations and new add-ons.
sfri Tools v. 1.1, March 28, 2004
-Added three new tools: windowSize, printToDesktop and scanCache.
sfri Tools v. 1.0, March 1, 2004
-First release.