1. Intro
2. Make it work!
3. Fink (latest mppdec version)
4. Requirements, license, history...

1. Intro
mpc2aiff is a front-end interface for the command-line utility mppdec (by Frank Klemm), which will decode mpc files (musepack's mpeg plus; other supported extensions are "mpp" or "mp+") to aif format.
If you usually surf the web and share music, then you should know what is this format (or at least the mac-unplayable ".mpc" extension), a high quality compression algorithm based on MPEG.
mpc2aiff will convert these files to ".aif", suitable to burn to a CD or whatever other utility you give them (such as convert them to mp3).

NEW! Also, as for version 1.2, you can also encode wav files to mpc.

Reported at Versiontracker a way to play mpc files on your mac (under a Fink installation). Read it here!
The guy which compiled the a past version of mppdec (Etienne Petitjean) maybe is working in a plugin for iTunes, so you we'll be able, luckilly, to play these nativelly in our macs!

2. Make it work!

Easy! Simply drop your "mpc" files into the text list (or manually via the "Add..." button), choose a format (aif, wav or raw) and press "Go!"... Optionally, you can join all your mpc files into a single output. If you drop also wav files (in order to convert them to mpc), setup a "quality" in the wav2mpc section.
If conversion is successful, it will throw "OK" to the console. Otherwise, you'll see a detailed error explaining, suitable to know what is the problem (eg, the file is corrupted) or to send me it as a bug report (if you are pretty sure this is a bug of mine).

I'm very interested in Fink's version

1. Go to MacUpdate or VersionTracker & search for "Fink".
2. Download & install. If you find some problems, read its docs. It is very easy!
3. In the same ".dmg" distribution of Fink, you should find a folk called "FinkCommander". If doesn't, gotoAndDownloadIt to MU or VT. Execute it. Choose "mppdec" and install it (precompiled or from source).
4. Go to mpc2aiff and check "Use Fink" (this will point to your new "/sw/bin/mppdec" binary). You are done!

3. Requirements, license, history...
Tested only under Jaguar, OS 10.2.x.

This product is freeware; mppdec was made by Frank Klemm.

You may not try contacting us about this product. But for feedback, suggestions, bugs, donations... Mail us!

NOTE: mpc2aiff is a simple GUI to "mppdec". So, most of errors may be redirected directly to Frank Klemm. The kind of errors/bugs related to mpc2aiff are all those not redirected to the console. If your error is logged at the console, you'll find there mppdec's explanation.

License: This is a beta app. Here it works so far, but may freeze your system, delete all files in your HD or whatever disasters you can imaginate.
Anyway, mpc2aiff shouldn't do nothing dangerous to your files.

mpc2aiff v. 1.2, April 23, 2004
-Added support for mppdec's newest version (1.15r), compiled by Dibrom.
-Added mppenc, which allows encoding wav files to mpc format.
-Now, files are never overwritten, and new files are renamed sequentially.
-Added Spanish and French localization of docs (this one thanks to Gautier Michelin).
-Added French localization (Laurent Ernwein), German (Mirco Ropic) and italian (Paolo Santi)... Thanks!

mpc2aiff v. 1.1, December 18, 2003
-Optimized for Panther.
-Some GUI renices and a little preferences window, due to Mr. Radic's suggestions (thanks!).
-Added Spanish localization. Do you wanna localize? Ctrl-click "mpc2aiff" and "show package contents". Go to "Contents/Resources". Duplicate one of "English.lproj" or "Spanish.lproj" and rename it to match your language (eg, “French.lproj”). Edit both "Localized.strings" and "MainMenu.nib" (you need developer tools installed to edit this one). Send me back the stuff.

mpc2aiff v. 1.0, August 23, 2003
-mpc2aiff bundles now the latest mppdec version (1.1), compiled for OS X by Etienne Petitjean.
-When you join multiple files into a single destination, now the output file is renamed sequentially, instead of overwritten.

mpc2aiff v. 1.0b4, August 8, 2003
-After some requests, I gave a try to Fink and successfully made work mpc2aiff using the newest compilation of mppdec (v. 1.1-2). mpc2aiff will now support mppdec's newest version, but you must install both Fink and mppdec manually (it's easy!).

mpc2aiff v. 1.0b3, August 7, 2003
-Fixed a silly bug when output several files to a single one (thanks to Thomas Kubitscheck!).

mpc2aiff v. 1.0b2, April 1, 2003
-Second beta release.
-Removed a limitation when certain files were not processed.
-Added capability to produce "wav" and "raw" formats, appart from "aiff".
-Added capability to join multiple input files into a single destination.
-Several GUI improvements.

mpc2aiff v. 1.0b1, March 28, 2003
-First beta release.