kapullo's scripts
1. Intro
2. Make it work!
3. Requirements, license, history...

1. Intro
kapullo's scripts is a collection of AppleScripts, most of them thought for applescripters. Actually, there are 6 categories:

• AppleScripter
-> eval: you enter applescript code and it checks its syntax and, optionally, executes the entered code.
-> explore Handlers: choose any applescript-open-code and it will give you a list of handlers whithin such script/applet/droplet, and optionally, copy it to the clipboard.
-> explore Properties: choose any applescript-open-code and it will give you a list of properties whithin such script/applet/droplet, and optionally, copy it to the clipboard.
-> file list: select items in the Finder, and it will copy to the clipboard an applescript list of such items.
-> harmful events: choose any valid applescript and it will check for potentially dangerous apple events, optionally requesting more info on them to osaxen.com's XML-RPC interface.
-> search-replace in place: search-replace code in any open-source applescript withouth opening it.
-> MacScripter Feeds: read latest news in MacScripter's different sections.
-> clipboard -> BBCode: converts applescript code to BBCode, suitable for MacScripter's BBS and other bbcode-based boards.
-> clipboard -> HTML: converts applescript code to HTML.

• Finder
-> center front window
-> change creator code... (selected items or choose on-the-fly)
-> change file type... (selected items or choose on-the-fly)
-> chmod selected...: change permissions of selected items
-> compare 2 files (previously selected or choosen on-the-fly)
-> copysort: copy selected item names to clipboard, but sorted!
-> delete fork (selected items or choose on-the-fly)
-> DMGize selected folder: dmg-compress a folder
-> lower <-> UPPER change case of names of selected items
-> restart Finder: as the same name implies...
-> selected PS to PDF: select some postscripts and transform 'em to pdf
-> selection to QT playlist: quick-time suitable files to qt-playlist

• Programmer
-> ASCII <-> BIN
-> ASCII <-> HEX
-> DEC <-> BIN
-> DEC <-> HEX
-> Physical RAM: displays some info about physical RAM's usage.
-> string <-> base64 (optionally, you can choose a file as input-output)

• Text
-> clipboard -> desktop: places the clipboard in a text file in your desktop
-> clipboard -> place latin: places latin words in the clipboard.
-> clipboard -> remove styles: removes styles from styled text.
-> text <-> UTF-8
-> text <-> UTF-16

• Useless?
-> Am I drunk?: prompts for some info and tells you if you're drunk
-> script-Poker
-> md5-rename: rename files according to its md5 checksum
    • Flash
        -> layer -> duplicate
        -> object -> duplicate w parameters: duplicate selection using parameters
        -> shape -> create table...: create a simple grid
        -> text -> Capital Words
        -> text -> lowercase
        -> text -> Regular paragraph
        -> text -> Selective Embed Chars: embed unique characters in input/dinamyc text fields
        -> text -> UPPERCASE

• Utils
-> download clipboard-url-list: pick a list of urls in the clipboard and download it to an user-selected folder.
-> get my IP: network and public.
-> hierarchical catalog: creates a hierarchical-indented list of files/folders -> kill process
-> NOTES: simple notes editor, save-retrieve notes.
-> quick catalog: create a simple and quick catalog of selected folder/disk.
-> run shell script...: execute given shell command on-the-fly.
-> ScliptBoards: keep data in multiple clipboards.
-> text -> HTML entities: eg, "x@x.com" to "&#120;&#64;&#120;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;"

Huge open-source applescript library. If you are AppleScript developer, open this library and study the 37 handlers it offers, with some useful functions, such as search-replacing text in batchs of files, swap bytes, create sequential file names, lock/unlock files or write data.

2. Make it work!
Run the scripts from your favorite tool. You can run the scripts using lots of available tools, such as Apple's Script Menu (already in your system), FastScripts, iKey, Xkeys, Key Xing, QuicKeys, etc. Just take a look at your favorite place for downloads (eg, MacUpdate or VersionTracker), and search for such utilities.

3. Requirements, license, history...
Developed and tested only under Mac OS X 10.3.

This product is freeware and specially open-source. Use it at your own risk and blah. You are encouraged to add a little note to your script if you use our source code.

You may not try contacting us about this product. But for feedback, suggestions, bugs, donations... Mail us!

kapullo 1.0b5, 27 july 2004
- Reniced "chmod selected..." ("Finder" category)
- Added "hierarchical catalog" under category "Utils" (due to a suggestion of Enrique Pardo)
- Added "jfileLib" (applescript library with 37 handlers to parse files)
- Added "text -> Selective Embed Chars" ("• Useless? > •Flash" category)
- Updated "shape -> create table..." ("• Useless? > •Flash" category)
kapullo 1.0b4
, 7 july 2004
- Fixed issue in "get my IP" (private) thanks to D. A. Shockley.
- Added new category "Useless?".
- Added new sub-category "Flash" under "Useless?".
- Added script "chmod selected..." in the "Finder" category.
- Added "selected PS to PDF" in the "Finder" category.
- Added "DMGize selected folder" in the "Finder" category.
- Added "selection to QT playlist" in the "Finder" category.
- Added "clipboard -> desktop" in the "Text" category.
- Added "kill process" in the "Utils" category.
- Code renices in "ASCII <-> BIN".
kapullo's scripts v. 1.0b3
, March 13, 2004
-First release.