LiveTour 2005

1. Intro
2. Make it work!
3. License, history...

1. Intro
LiveTour 2005 is a quick-done app, a simple floating window, which will display latest news in the Tour of France 2005.

2. Make it work!
You need a mac, OS X 10.3 and internet connection. Launch LiveTour 2005 and adjust some options under the "Options" menu.
LiveTour 2005 "borrows" the news from "", so this app may stop working at any time, if webmasters change the html code of such page.
More features... Next year! (since this is a short-time app which *may only* work for a brief time period, please, do not ask for features nor bugs)
Special thanks to Jonathan Nathan, who made LiveTour's special effects. Visit his web page full of nifty utilities here:

3. License, history...
Freeware and open-source; use it at your own risk.

LiveTour 2005 v 1.2.2 , July 20, 2005
- Fixed new bug in relax date calculations.
LiveTour 2005 v 1.2.1 , July 14, 2005
- Fixed bug in "Race position" window not displaying properly.
LiveTour 2005 v 1.2 , July 14, 2005
- Fixed ocassional crashes.
- The LiveTour2003 App Support folder (if it exists) is renamed LiveTour.
- Preferences are only updated if they have, in fact, changed.
- Alert, if prefs are changed while the scroll is running, that the preference will be reflected the next time the news is updated.
- Added the ability to stop a scroll (new menu item with key equivalent: Command-.).
- Added the ability to retrieve news from a previous stage (if you try to retrieve news from a future stage, you'll get a warning).
- Set the Options menu as the Dock menu so even when the app isn't frontmost, you can adjust the options.
- Added an experimental "Race position" window (check the "Window" menu, or hit "Command-P").
- Added spanish localization.
LiveTour 2005 v 1.1 , July 12, 2005
- Added option to change font-face and size in scrolling news (Jonathan Nathan).
- Fixed bug associated to live-url and relax-days.
LiveTour 2005 v 1.0 , July 10, 2005
- Added option to make the main window titleless and anchored to top or bottom.
- Added automatic detection of user's language.
- Added options to display main window in various levels (desktop, floating, normal).
- All these improvements made by Jonathan Nathan.
- New icon, not very nice, but much better than the previous one.
LiveTour 2005 v 0.5, July 7, 2005
- OS X 10.3 compatible.
- Now will display news chronologically.
LiveTour 2005 v 0.4, July 6, 2005
- New scrolling text system (webview + javascript).
- Proxy support should now use system settings.
LiveTour 2004 v 0.3, July 6, 2004
- Fixed a couple of stupid bugs.
LiveTour 2004 v 0.2, July 5, 2004
- Better handling of special characters.
- Added proxy support.
- Now, when "Autohide" is checked, LiveTour doesn't become foreground if there are not news.
LiveTour 2004, July 4, 2004
-Updated for the Tour 2004.
LiveTour 2003, July 12, 2003
-First release.