1. Intro
2. Make it work!
3. License, history...

1. Intro
selfQuit, as its name implies, quits immediately after you launch it.

2. Make it work!
seltQuit has been tested hardly only under Mac OS X 10.2.x
To make it work, you can double-click its icon from the Finder, launch it from the Dock, from a menu, or whatever method you like.
Since version 1.0, you can customize the way in which selfQuit will quit: quit with crash, quit after x seconds and run & quit in the background. To do it, double click "set selfQuit preferences" app.

3. License, history...
selfQuit is freeware; use it at your own risk.
Since version 1.0, selfQuit is also open source.
If you find bugs or have suggestions for its better performance, drop us a mail.

selfQuit v. 1.0, April 20, 2003
-Final release.
-Now you can customize some preferences for better performance.
-selfQuit is now open source.

selfQuit v. 1.0b1, April 3, 2003
-First beta release.