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26 december, 2005. Update to NewsLetter 2.5, includes now a fast and strong Perl script for email verification... (plus added donationware system and important changes in the documentation).

20 december, 2005. We just implemented the Paypal donation system. If you find useful our products and you wanna donate, you will be helping to the continue development of these and more incoming tools for your toolbox. Thanks!

20 december, 2005. checkSum+ 1.3 updated for Tiger! It adds also some minor cosmetic changes and the new donationware system...

15 december, 2005. Important update to NewsLetter 2.4, recommended for all users, including various bug fixes and new features (see the list of changes).

14 december, 2005. Added a new AppleScript goodie called "Floating Toones", a sample Xcode 2.1 project for AppleScript Studio developers featuring floating cartoons with transparency and draggability.

6 november, 2005. Important update to NewsLetter 2.3, recommended for all users.

14 september, 2005. Pescados Software has been sold to the company Pescados Software. Stay tuned, as it will be lots of changes: new website, new products, product changes and great improvements (including sharewares, technical support, etc.)...

20 august, 2005. NewsLetter 2.2 fixes compatibility issues with FileMaker 7 data importing and, most important, should fix crashes in certain machines.

20 july, 2005. New bug fix in LiveTour 2005 v 1.2.2!...

14 july, 2005. Bug fix in LiveTour 2005 v 1.2.1!...

14 july, 2005. Major update to LiveTour 2005 v 1.2!... Bug fixes and lots of UI improvements!

12 july, 2005. Go get LiveTour 2005 v 1.1 ... Bug fixes and UI improvements!

10 july, 2005. LiveTour 2005 v 1.0 is out! (recommended update for visual effects lovers)

7 july, 2005. LiveTour 2005 v.0.5 is out! (now Panther-compatible)

6 july, 2005. Pick now LiveTour 2005, before the Tour ends!

5 february, 2005. Added a goodie in the new category "javascript". This is a bare-bones snippet called "tableSort.js", which will sort HTML tables with some configurable parameters. Includes comments and sample html files.

26 january, 2005. Added new items to our Goodies section (you know, our unsupported source-code and various strange utilities section).

19 january, 2005. MacHacha 3.0 has been writen from scratch. See the list of changes. Recommended update!

15 january, 2005. NewsLetter 2.1 adds an option to send BCC messages to groups of max recipients, which should fix some issues sending emails to large lists.

30 december, 2004. checkSum+ 1.3b2 fixes some bugs with large md5summer files.

16 november, 2004. checkSum+ has been improved one more time. Check out the latest 1.3b1 version!

2 october, 2004. After 1 month of hard development, the final version of NewsLetter 2 is finally out.

27 september, 2004. Fifth beta of NewsLetter 2, introducing important changes... Hopefully, random crashes in random machines have been fixed.

25 september, 2004. StyledTextToRecord 2.1 has improved speed.

23 september, 2004. Fourth beta of NewsLetter 2.

17 september, 2004. Third beta of NewsLetter 2, adding new features and fixing some bugs, including extended integration with FileMaker and Entourage. Read the bundled documentation for more info.

13 september, 2004. Second beta of NewsLetter 2, adding new features and fixing some bugs. Read the bundled documentation for more info.

28 august, 2004. Here, the first beta of NewsLetter 2, which bundles now XMail.osax, which means that NewsLetter now: supports virtually any smtp server, supports multipart messages and inline attachments; and a bunch of new feature. Check it out!

21 august, 2004. MacHacha has been updated to version 2.0b1 and includes some new features, including a *very* simple progress bar and 5 new configurable preferences... Read the release notes and FAQ (in the distribution) for more information.

27 july, 2004. kapullo scripts has been updated to version 1.0b5. The start in this release is the new source-code library jfileLib, loads of handlers for file/folders manipulation.

9 july, 2004. MacHacha has been updated to version 1.2, introducing some new features and fixing some odd behaviours...

7 july, 2004. We added lots of new features to our source-code collection of applescripts, kapullo (v. 1.0b4)

6 july, 2004. We updated again LiveTour 2004 and now fixes reported issues with proxy support and special characters. My apologies for any inconvenience, but I must write code too much quick so we don't loss wheel and that invokes magically bugs ;-) Thanks for your patience!

5 july, 2004. We updated LiveTour 2004 and now supports proxies, special characters and other add-ons.

4 july, 2004. We updated LiveTour 2004 to follow the current Tour of France 2004.

3 july, 2004. MacHacha 1.1 supports now joining RAR segments (also RAR regular files and password-protected ones).

30 june, 2004. sfri Tools 1.2 fixes some bugs, optimizes code and adds some new features...

1 may, 2004. Take a look to our goodies section, where you will find a new goodie called quick-MLNET (applescripts section), a useful and ultra-low-memory tool to run the most common tasks in mlnet, such as modify download/upload speed, commit or search.

27 april, 2004. Well, no pause. We improved again checkSum+ 1.2, which fixes some bugs, improves some behaviours and introduces new features.

25 april, 2004. webPageMonitor 1.2 fixes some bugs in the interface and adds some new features: support for plugins, scheduling and capabilities of report by mail changes to websites.

23 april, 2004. mpc2aiff 1.2 updates the engine mppdec (to 1.15r, by Dibrom), adds the capability to encode wav files.. to mpc (mppenc), and lots of localization files, for your convenience.

28 march, 2004. sfri Tools 1.1 adds now three new tools: sfri windowSize (change the size of the browser, instead of the resolution of your monitor), sfri printToDesktop (prints a pdf of the current page to your desktop) and sfri scanCache, which will extract any jpg, gif, png and swf file from Safari's cache files.

27 march, 2004. We've reloaded our Goodies section with a new design. We also added new stuff, specially the new division of software: stuff for flash, starting with a .fla file and 3 brand new JSFL commands: create table, duplicate+ and text case. Yes! These are also for PC folks! ;-)

23 march, 2004. We made MacHacha open-source, and now we publish a little PDF which explains briefly how are built the main formats handled by MacHacha: hacha, winsplit, fastsplit, hjsplit and mastersplitter (a little part about this one), so you can create your own solution if you feel it.

13 march, 2004. Take a look to our new collection of applescripts, kapullo, and you will find lots of usefult tools for text manipulation, including conversion of applescript code to HTML or BBCode, text to UTF-8 or UTF-16, etc...

1 march, 2004. ScliptBoards, our brand new tool, emulates the funcionality of some commercial tools, allowing you to keep data in several "virtual" clipboards. It's a pretty simple utility, but it worked some fine in our preliminar tests ;-)

1 march, 2004. sfri Tools is a collection of applescript, useful to perform some common tasks in Safari, such as remember opened pages, etc. It also includes the so-called sfri Library, which is the bastard son of the old "MSIE Library", an applescript library useful to communicate with Safari's javascript DOM (eg, fill and submit forms, retrieve information about images or embedded objects, etc.).

13 february, 2004. Updated StyledTextToRecord (which is now called StyledText<->Record). Now you can convert styled text to record and back (so you can modify styled text on-the-fly without switching to a scriptable application!). It is in the goodies section.

11 february, 2004. Under request, checkSum+ v. 1.2b1 adds several checksum calculations for the explorer window, and introduces a new preference to show such window by default, on launch.

29 january, 2004. NewsLetter 1.1 adds several enhacements (blah, blah).

27 january, 2004. MacHacha Pro is now simply MacHacha, but freeware and open-source under request. Many thanks to Kagi for its support and hosting for my bucks during the last year! MacHacha Lite has been also discontinued, being the *only* tool now MacHacha.

12 january, 2004. NewsLetter seems a stable app, so here is the final release 1.0. The main add-on in this release is the WebKit framework, which will allow you to preview your messages without switching to a web browser or text editor. It also adds the capability to retrieve email addresses from FileMaker databases, Apple's Address Book or Entourage.

12 january, 2004. MacHacha Pro v. 1.0.7 fixes a little problem renaming HJSplit files. This app will become FREEWARE and OPEN-SOURCE very soon... Stay tuned!

7 january, 2004. checkSum+ v. 1.1 adds support for certain csv files, plus some enhacements to the explorer, which now supports the md4 algorithm used in mlnet networks (edonkey).

4 january, 2004. NewsLetter v. 1.0b2 fixes some minor issues and adds some useful enhacements, plus a quick-guide to create better newsletters.

1 january, 2004.NewsLetter v. 1.0b1 is the first utility for this new year, 2004. It is a free batch emailer specially thought for newsletter creators, featuring all the basics for your regular needs.

24 december, 2003. MacHacha Pro v. 1.0.6 fixes a little bug with the registration system under Panther. This version also eliminates 1 annoying dialog for unregistered users.